Ductless Systems

Ductless systems, also known as mini split systems, connect an outdoor unit with one or more indoor units to heat and cool specific zones of a home without the use of ductwork.

Ductless Split Systems

A ductless HVAC system is simply that, Ductless, meaning no ductwork is required to heat or cool your home. Ductless systems can be used as supplemental heating and cooling of a specific space, like a bonus room or exercise room, but they can also be used for whole home solutions to provide zone comfort, allowing you to individually adjust the temperature of every room in your home. Whole home systems will have one outdoor unit with multiple indoor units.

When you have one outdoor unit and one indoor unit the system is call a Mini-Split. When you have one outdoor unit connected to more than one indoor unit the system is called a Multi-Split or Multi-zone. Ductless systems use inverter technology that will keep your space at a more consistent temperature and save energy by adjusting the compressor speed and indoor air flow.

Where are ductless systems needed?

Ductless systems, or mini-splits, are a great heating and cooling option for homeowners who need to control the temperature in specific rooms or spaces of their home. Single-zone ductless systems work well in spaces like a garage, bonus room, home office, or sunroom, and can even be an entire temperature solution for tiny homes. Multi-zone ductless systems are even more versatile, as they can be applied in multiple rooms throughout your home, and give you the ability to individually control each room’s temperature. Multi-zone ductless systems can work as whole home temperature solutions or compliment a ducted system, while single-zone ductless systems work best in conjunction with a central HVAC option. And, ductless systems come in many varieties — from mini split air conditioning to mini split heat pumps, a ductless system can help with multiple temperature needs.

Source: Trane.com